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we are the leading Apple products Service center in kozhikode , and we help you with your iphone,ipad and laptop issues as we have a team of certified technicians at hand who are qualified to perform any repair or screen replacement of your iPad,iphones&laptops .our certified technitions are the best experts in Apple Iphone,laptop and ipad repair and servicing in kozhikode,Kerala. As a leader among Apple service centers in calicut Kerala, we use only orginal Apple parts and replacements. When we service your iphone,laptop&iPad, you can rest easy knowing that your profuct is 100% genuine and has been repaired by trained and qualified technicians. Our expert team is able to help with all issues related to this products, from physical and liquid damage repairs and more. Our apple product repair specialists are always ready to help meet your apple products repair needs right away. The certified technicians are considered the best experts in Apple products repairing and servicing in kozhikode Kerala.

apple service center kozhikode

Our Services

iphone Service Center kozhikode

We, Apple Service Center Calicut, are well-known in Calicut for our iPhone Repair services. We provide expert service for your iPhone products at our Apple Service Center in Calicut. All iPhone models are repaired at the Apple Service Center in Calicut. For iPhone repairs, Apple service centres in Calicut the best iPhone spare components. The greatest iPhone services are provided by the Apple service facility in Calicut. At Apple Service Center Calicut, we pride ourselves on being the best-in-class apple service centre in Kozhikode, with skilled technical engineers providing long-lasting iPhone repairs.

macbook Service Center calicut

Apple service centre calicut can handle hardware and software issues with your Apple Macbook device at our MacBook Service Center. calicut apple service centre Calicut's Apple Macbook Service Center is ready to help you with all of your MacBook issues. service centre for apples Apple Macbook Service Center Calicut is well-known for providing reliable services, so you can be confident that your Macbook laptop will arrive in great working order. Apple service Macbook repair facility kozhikode provides services for all MacBook models, including the Air, Pro, MacBook, MacBook Black/White, iMac, and Mac Mini

ipad Service Center kozhikode

iPad is a good device for education, entertainment, and business device. It is made for extensive use and has characteristics of both the iPhone and the MacBook. Calicut's Apple Service Center is the most successful Apple Service Center for iPad Repair. iPad repair is costly, but we at Apple Service Center calicut, Apple Service Center, give best-in-class spares and fast services to fix any problem you may have with your iPad. You don't have to worry about your iPad

Apple Watch Service Center calicut
Apple Watch

Apple service centre calicut can help with software issues, however part level repair assistance for Apple Watch is not accessible. It is possible to replace the entire device at a discounted fee. Tariffs differ depending on the warranty and the nature of the problem. First, the device will have to be diagnosed. To get your Apple Watch diagnosed, please go to the Apple Service Center in Calicut. The Apple Watch has a lovely display, but it is vulnerable to physical harm because it is exposed to a variety of environments and is not protected inside a case like an iPhone or iPad. Do not be discouraged if your iWatch screen breaks and this is the best Apple Watch Service center in calicut With Genuine Accessories

imac Service Center kozhikode

calicut apple service centre Many frequent faults that affect your iMac may be repaired at iMac Service Center. Perhaps it's not loading properly, or you've cracked the screen, or you're having other issues with your iMac? Looking for a reputable and experienced iMac repair shop in Calicut? You've arrived to the right location. You can go to iPhone Service Calicut whenever you want. We, at the iMac service centre in Calicut, will provide you with the best possible support for your iMac. Apple service centre calicut's expert technical engineers repair your iMac using cutting-edge technology. We, Apple Service Center Calicut, are kozhikode's most trusted iMac repair centre. and this is the best iMac center in calicut With Genuine Accessories

Our Services

macbook Service Center calicut
  • apple service center calicut  Damage Due To Water
  • apple service center calicut  The Touchscreen Is Not Working
  • apple service center calicut  Wifi Is Not Getting Connected
  • apple service center calicut  Headphone, Mike & Speaker not working
  • apple service center calicut  Mac Mini Freezing, Crashing and Blue Screen Coming
  • apple service center calicut  Power Supply not working
  • apple service center calicut  Cellular Connection Not Working
  • apple service center calicut  phone Back Case cracked
  • apple service center calicut  Heat Up Issues
  • apple service center calicut  Logic Board not working
  • apple service center calicut  Software Upgradation
  • apple service center calicut  HDD Replacement and Data Recovery


1How long repairs take?

It depends on the issues, if it’s a small complaint we can return within the day otherwise it may take 1 to 10 business days

2 How i know my apple product is genuine?

To know whether your Apple products is genuine,you can check the serial number on the device. Or you can find the same serial number in iTunes also. If you have a Macbook, check the serial number from the About This Mac from the Apple menu

3Are your staff trained enough to repair devices?

All our staff have minimum 2 years of experience and well trained. They take enough time to recognise the issue with the device and repair it

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